Installation, maintenance and distribution of vending machines

Our vending machines grant wishes

UNISERVICE installs vending machines for automatic resale of hot drinks, cold drinks, and packaged foods at locations of your convenience in Sofia, Bulgaria: your office, shop, store, factory, or other site.

We guarantee quality products, regular replenishing, and constant maintenance of the machines. With our service you enjoy vending machines that are always fully operational, clean, and good looking.

We provide vending machines by leading manufacturers such as Zanussi, Necta, Saeco, and Bianchi. Based on your needs and the specifics of your environment, we can offer machines with appropriate capacity and features.

We offer you a selection of high quality products. We pay special attention to coffee. You can pick the brand you prefer or use our own blends. Our instant products (soluble tea, milk, cocoa, and chocolate) are of the Ristora and ICS brands.

You will find our usage and payment offering flexible enough to meet your specific requirements – you can use coins, tokens, as well as various mixed modes. In addition, we also offer options for using smart keys and cards.

Contact us now to pick the machine that will grant your wishes:

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